The beginnings of a new blog

Many years ago I ran a personal web site using the Drupal content management system that functioned largely as what was becoming known as a weblog, or blog. I abandoned it around the time when blogging and social network sites started becoming prominent, a little over a decade ago.

About the only thing of note on it was a page about a motherboard used in a certain range of circa-2000 HP desktop computers. I’m pretty sure it was the only page on the entire site that ever got more than 1000 visitors. The page combined some information I had found around the web as well as my own discoveries, and it seems putting it all in one spot proved useful to someone.

That memory of that single page is a major motivator for me starting a new personal web site, although this time using WordPress instead of Drupal. Like my old web site, this is mostly intended to be a blog that covers a range of topics I feel like writing about. I plan for at least some of those posts to be about solutions I found to particular computer programming or system administration issues with the hope that someone with the same issue might find it useful. For other posts on disparate topics, I hope that someone might find them insightful, thought-provoking, or amusing.